Shikoku is an island South of Chugoku region. This is the smallest of Japan’s big four islands and it lies in the South of Honshu Island. This region has many mountainous regions and is a good spot of Hiking. This region is home to the 88 Temple pilgrimage of the Shingon sect of Buddhism. This island is also known for its agricultural products as the land here is very fertile. This region has also got many Castles such as Marugame Castle, Kochi Castle, Matsuyama Castle and Uwajima Castle. It is regarded as there were 12 original castles in Japan and 4 are in Shikoku region.
Matsuyama is Shikoku’s largest city and best known for the Hot Springs.

The 4 prefectures of Shikoku –

1. Ehime

2. Kagawa

3. Kochi

4. Tokushima