Kanto region is located on the Eastern side of Japan’s main Island of Honshu, and is most densely populated regions in all of Japan.

At the center of Kanto, lies Tokyo, the Capital city of Japan as well as one of the most populated cities in the world. Most of the visitors to Japan enter either from Tokyo’s Narita Airport or from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. Geographically Narita Airport lies about 60 kms from Tokyo and is in Chiba prefecture. The World-famous Tokyo Disneyland is also located in Chiba prefecture.

Kanagawa prefecture, located just south of Tokyo is another sight to be seen. The most important city in this prefecture is Yokohoma, Japan’s second largest city and sometimes is known as Tokyo suburb. Kawasaki is a city between Tokyo and Yokohoma. The temple town of Kamakura, known for its Giant Buddha is also located in Kanagawa prefecture and is generally offered as a day trip from Tokyo. The ancient shrines of Nikko in neighboring Tochigi prefecture are a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site and can be done as a day trip from Tokyo.

The 7 prefectures of Kanto are –

1. Tokyo

2. Kanagawa

3. Chiba

4. Saitama

5. Tochigi

6. Gunma

7. Ibaraki