About Japan

Japan is one of the most visited countries in the world. Some of the most important cities for travelers are Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Mt Fuji, Hiroshima and Sapporo.
Tokyo is the capital city and is also the most populated city in Japan. This is followed by Yokohoma, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Kobe, Kawasaki and Kyoto.
Japan consists of 6,852 islands including 4 large islands of Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu.

Japan has excellent air, rail and public transportation. Tokyo’s two International airports Narita and Haneda serves as a main gateway to Japan apart from Osaka’s Kansai International Airport. The Bullet trains known as Shinkansen are best known in the world for its connectivity and punctuality. One can travel from Hokkaido region in the North to Kyushu region in the South by train.

Japan is known for :

Mt. Fuji

Cherry Blossom

Bullet trains



Tea Ceremony

Japanese Cuisines

Hot Springs




(March to May)

It is the best time to visit Japan, with pleasant weather and the iconic Cherry Blossoms (Sakura in Japanese) in full bloom. April, in particular, is very beautiful with the entire country filled with Pink and White Cherry blossoms.


(June to August)

Summer season begins with rains in June and it continues until mid-July, though it does not rain everyday. This is followed by hot and humid temperatures with August being the hottest month of the year.


(September to November)

The transition to Autumn begins with rains and typhoons and this generally lasts until the end of September.This is an ideal time to visit Japan to see the Autumn leaf colour, with November being the best month to see this colourful foliage.


(December to February)

Snow lovers head to Japan during the winters to experience the famed powdered snow. This season is also the best time to enjoy the Hot springs. Hokkaido gets very crowded during this time of the year as it has some of the best ski-resorts.