Kyushu region is the southernmost of the four main islands in Japan. The climate here is more tropical in nature. This region receives typhoon every year around September. Fukuoka, is the largest of the cities and is the most populous prefecture of Kyushu. These regions are known for its islands and are spread throughout.

The Nagasaki in Nagasaki prefecture, is an International port city but at the same time has also got a tragic history.

The Islands of Okinawa are considered to be a part of Kyushu and are administered by Kagoshima prefecture. Naha, is the Capital of the Okinawa Islands. This region is best known for its watersports activities with diving and snorkeling the best in Japan. Sailing and surfing are also very famous in this region.

The 7 prefectures of Shikoku –

1. Fukuoka

2. Saga

3. Nagasaki

4. Oita

5. Kumamoto

6. Miyazaki

7. Kagoshima – Okinawa