Hokkaido, situated in the Northern most part of Japan is known for its pristine beauty and National parks. Hokkaido is best known for its flower gardens, lavender fields in Summer and Hot springs, Snow and Ice Festivals in Winter.

Sapporo is the Capital city and by far the largest city in Hokkaido. Sapporo is known for its annual Ice Festivals in February and this happens in Odori Park in Central Sapporo city.

Some of the most important sights in Sapporo are Clock Tower, Sapporo TV Tower, Ishiya Chocolate factory and Sapporo beer museum.

Some of the other important cities/ town worth visiting in Hokkaido are –
1. Asahikawa – Located in the Centre of Hokkaido region, it’s the second largest city in Hokkaido. The city is located at the confluence of four rivers and is surrounded by hills. The city is famous for its Zoo as one can see the Polar bears as well as Penguins.

2. Hakodate – The city is located in South Hokkaido and is famous for its Goryōkaku Tower and Goryōkaku Fort, a Star shaped park located in the centre of the city. This city looks most beautiful during the Cherry blossom season.

3. Biei – The town is known for its beautiful flowers in summer. The famed Turquoise Blue pond is also close to this town.

4. Furano – World famous for its Lavender fields in Summer and powered snow in winter. This town is in the center of Hokkaido region.

5. Noboribetsu – This town is famous for its Hot Springs known as Onsen.