Chugoku is the western most part of the Honshu island. This region is most famous for Hiroshima prefecture. Hiroshima is known for the Atomic Bomb Memorial Museum and Peace Park. Genbaku Dome is a famous landmark and is regarded as a Symbol to Hiroshima. This is one of the few structures that remained even after the devastating bomb. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Hiroshima is also known for its Hiroshima castle.

The other famous site in this region is Miyajima, an island off the coast of Hiroshima. Miyajima is one of the top 3’s most iconic images of Japan along with Mt. Fuji. This shrine is on the water against a mountain backdrop. This shrine is located on the Island called as Itsukushima. Most people visit Miyajima along with a tour of Hiroshima.

Yamaguchi is another prefecture that is well known in Chugoku as it’s the gateway to Kyushu Island as well as the trade connections with South Korea and China.

Tottori in Tottori prefecture is known for Sand Dunes, Japan’s only place for Sand Dunes.

The 5 prefectures of Chugoku –

1. Hiroshima

2. Okayama

3. Yamaguchi

4. Tottori

5. Shimane